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dieterich post big color media

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  DP26326 DP-IJ-C28 28# COLOR BD 44X150 130.0000    
  DP26340 DP-IJ-C36 36# HEAVY BD 22X100' 78.6975    
  DP52105 9 mil Outdoor Banner Matte Tear & Scratch Proof 36x100 feet 331.8075    
  DP52110 9 mil Outdoor Banner Matte Tear & Scratch Proof 42x100 feet 379.5775    
  DP52114 DP-IJ-OB OUTDOOR BANNER 44X60' 399.0000    
  DP52120 9 mil Outdoor Banner Matte Tear & Scratch Proof 60x100 feet 489.3193    
  DP52410 Water Fast Adhesive Matte Pressure Sensitive Vinyl 42x60 feet 491.3850    
  DP55530 7mil Glossy 24" x 100' 244.5067    
  DP55535 7mil Glossy 36" x 100' 403.4351    
  DP55540 7mil Glossy 42" x 100' 474.3215    
  DP55552 6C1G 6ML GLOSS PPR 36X100 2"CR 179.1400    
  DP55554 6C1G 6ML GLOSS PPR 36X300 3"CR 295.7400    
  DP55630 Dieterich-Post 7Mil Satin 24x100' 268.9446    
  DP55635 Dieterich-Post 7Mil Satin 36x100' 403.4351    
  DP55640 Dieterich-Post 7Mil Satin 42x100' 470.6623    
  DP55730 Dieterich-Post 7Mil Matte Photo 24x100' 244.5067    
  DP55735 Dieterich-Post 7Mil Matte Photo 36x100' 366.7664    
  DP55740 Dieterich-Post 7Mil Matte Photo 42x100' 427.8836    
  EN50550 222775-00 8ML B/L FILM 50X100 386.3552    
  EN50653 RAPID DRY 6ML ADH. GLS 40X100 337.9600    
  NA10306 WHITE FLAT FILM 260GSM 54X100 399.0000    
  NA10307 CLEAR FLAT FILM 260GSM 54X100 399.0000    
  NA10354 MATTE POLY BANNER 8ML 24X10 .0000    
  NA10356 MATTE POLY BANNER 8ML 36X100 209.0000    
  NA103560 MATTE POLY BANNER 8ML 36X200 369.0000    
  NA10357 MATTE POLY BANNER 8ML 42X100 239.0000    
  NA10359 MATTE POLY BANNER 8ML 60X100 289.0000    
  NA10360 GLOSSY POLY BANNER 8ML 24X10 .0000    
  NA10362 GLOSSY POLY BANNER 8ML 36X100 239.0000    
  NA10372 GLOSSY PLY BANNER W/ADH 36X100 229.0000    
  NA10400 MATTE POLY BANNER W/ADH 24X10 .0000    
  NA10402 MATTE POLY BANNER W/ADH 36X100 189.0000    
  NA10450 8ML GLOSS PHOTO W/PSA 36X100 289.0000    
  NA10455 8ML GLOSS PHOTO W/PSA 42X100 339.0000    
  NA10475 8ML SATIN PHOTO W/PSA 24X100 239.0000    
  NA10480 8ML SATIN PHOTO W/PSA 36X100 289.0000    
  NA10485 8ML SATIN PHOTO W/PSA 42X100 339.0000    
  NA10495 8ML SATIN PHOTO W/PSA 60X100 439.0000    
  NA10500 MATTE VINYL W/ADHESIVE 24X10 .0000    
  NA10502 MATTE VINYL W/ADHESIVE 36X100 244.5300    
  NA10503 MATTE VINYL W/ADHESIVE 42X100 279.0000    

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