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xerographic film and manual

  Drafting Film/Mylar
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  DP39530 36X125 feet 583.3776    
  OC78220 Oce 86-8632 3 mil DM Film 36x125 feet roll 526.8274    
  OC80201 864DM 4MIL DM FILM 24X125' RL 355.3413    
  OC80222 4DMI22125 4ML DM FLM 22X125 459.4358    
  OC802221 4DMI24125 4ML DM FLM 24X125 383.0522    
  OC802222 4DMI241253 4ML DM FLM 24X125 383.0522    
  OC802225 4DMI241253 4ML DM FLM 24X125 .0000    
  OC80223 4DMI36125 4ML DM FLM 36X125 559.0864    
  OC80225 Oce 86-8632 4 mil DM Film 30x10 feet roll .0000    
  OC80226 4DMI30125 4ML DM FILM 30X125 513.1460    
  OC80227 4DMI301253 4ML DM FILM 30X125 513.1460    
  OC80230 Oce 86-8342 4MIL DM FILM 42X125' 565.0452    
  OC80235 4DMI 4ML DM FILM 24X36 25PK 237.1066    
  OC80300 3DMI 3MIL DM FILM 24X125' RL 360.4000    
  OC80303 3DMI 3MIL DM FILM 36X125' RL 509.6600    

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