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xerographic bond recycle

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  DP70395 DPB-20R RECYC BOND 15X500' GR1 123.2816    
  DP70402 20# Recycled Bond Paper 18x500' Group 1 Untaped 148.7911    
  DP70406 20# Recycled Bond Paper 21x500' Group 1 Untaped 237.6221    
  DP70411 20# Recycled Bond Paper 24x500' Group 1 Untaped 192.9635    
  DP70420 20# Recycled Bond Paper 30x500' Group 1 Untaped 241.2692    
  DP70421 20# Recycled Bond Paper 30x500' Group 2 Taped 241.2692    
  DP70430 20# Recycled Bond Paper 36x500' Group 1 Untaped 304.6787    
  DP70431 20# Recycled Bond Paper 36x500' Group 2 Taped 304.6787    
  OC65310 45-111R RECYCLE 20#BD 18X500#1 144.5493    
  OC65325 45-111R RECYCLE 20#BD 24X500#1 192.9635    
  OC65350 45-111R RECYCLE 20#BD 30X500#1 241.2692    
  OC65375 45-111R RECYCLE 20#BD 36X500#1 289.5138    
  OC653750 45-111R RECYCLE 20#BD 36X500#2 293.4134    

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