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xerox branded media

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  XE10570 3R11760 #28 8.5X11 XEROX 159.0000    
  XE10572 3R11762 #28 11X17 XEROX 226.6000    
  XE11235 3R3685 20# 4024DP 24X500' 120.0010    
  XE11240 3R3401 20# 4024DP 30X500' 156.3242    
  XE11300 3R3363 20# 4024DP 36X500' 2/CT 182.6387    
  XE12070 3R5147 4200DP BOND 18X500'4/CT 233.1874    
  XE12072 3R5904 4200DP BOND 22X500 2/CT 155.6831    
  XE12075 3R5148 4200DP BOND 24X500'2/CT 159.0119    
  XE12080 3R5149 4200DP BOND 30X500'2/CT 173.7435    
  XE12085 3R5150 4200DP BOND 34X500'2/CT 213.0467    
  XE12090 3R5151 4200DP BOND 36X500 2/CT 206.9516    
  XE12170 3R5913 4200DP BOND 18X500'4/CT 143.0095    
  XE12172 3R5914 4200DP BOND 22X500'2/CT 125.5339    
  XE12175 3R5915 4200DP BOND 24X500'2/CT 136.6557    
  XE12180 3R5916 4200DP BOND 30X500'2/CT 171.1008    
  XE12190 3R5918 4200DP BOND 36X500'2/CT 206.9516    
  XE14100 3R05717 110# 5 BANK INDEX TABS 221.9900    

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